Great for windows, cars, coffee cups and more! This decal will be a standard size of 5"x5". If you would like something bigger, please contact me directly on Instagram or by email at for a quote. 


In the notes, please leave the following information:


1. The image you want; 

2. The size you would like if smaller than 5" x 5";

3. Select the colour; and,

4. Font Style.


I will contact you to confirm additional design details once I am working on your order. 

Vinyl Decal

  • Custom Vinyls Orders are final sale.

  • 1. Clean the surface where you will be applying the decal. Make sure you remove any dirt, oil or wax. 

    2. Remove the paper backing slowly, making sure the decal stays adhered to the transfer tape.

    3. Position the decal to the desired area. Once it is applied, you wont be able to reposition. Rub the decal from one side to the other to get rid of any air bubbles. 

    4. Use a hard edged object, like a credit card, to make sure the entire decal transfers off of the transfer tape. 

    5. If any air bubbles are still there and you can't work them out, you can use a pin to poke a hole and this will get rid of the stubborn bubbles. 

    TO REMOVE: From Glass- Scrape off with a razor blade. From Plastic- Heat gently with a blow dryer until decal peels off easily. 

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